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The FluiX alternator relocation kit moves the c6 Corvette style alternator to the higher passenger side on any LSx. We use this kit on c6 Corvettes in order to make space for our induction system using the Harrop Hurricane ITB. This kit can also be used to make room twin turbos on your LS build, or in tight engine bay hot rods where the OEM GM locations simply do not work.
Umfang: All required bracketry, bolts, pulleys and an automatic spring tensioner are included in the kit. NOTE: This kit only works with c6 Corvette style alternators and power steering pumps.

LSx Alternator Relocation Kit

  • All brackets are made from high quality billet 6082 aluminum. The spacers are already welded onto the brackets for ease of installation. We include an automatic spring tensioner in our kit, which means that you do not need to readjust the belt tension over time. The tensioner is superior to the OEM c6 design, meaning that you will not throw a belt on your high-horsepower application.
    Finish: All brackets are bead blasted to give you a high-quality impeccable finish.

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